The national media is ready and waiting for the return of Manny Ramirez to the Dodgers tomorrow in San Deigo.

In fact, some are already chiming in.

In San Francisio, Scott Olster explains why Manny has made him see the light.

Meanwhile, USA Today says fans canforgive but not forget Manny’s actions.

This is just the start, and that’s not a bad thing. Steroids is a complicated matter for baseball, and it’s not going away anytime soon. We need to have a feeling about it, an opinion. and we need to figure out how to deal with the issue. For right now and in the future.

LIke the game “You’re It,” it’s Manny’s turn in the hot seat. He put himself in this position, and now he has to deal with the consequences. First came the suspension, now comes the constant questions and opinions and columns.

It will settle down at some point, but expect a circus for the next few weeks, at least.

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