Manny talks, sort of

The Dodgers slugger met with the media today in San Diego, and while he said he was sorry to teammates and fans he refused to talk about steroids.

Sorry Manny, but this isn’t good enough, and frankly it’s only going to prolong this whole situation. Come clean, come correct. Deal with the issue so you, and we, can move on.

The whole “I’m not going to get into my medical record” thing seems like you are trying to hide something even bigger.

You know, the last thing I wanted to see was Manny try to wink his way through this thing, thinking his charm and sense of humor could deflect attention away from the real, core issue. That being the fact that he cheated. What I want to know is, for how long?

Honestly, that’s all I care about.

But he completely closed the door on that, and that looks really bad.

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