Postgame: Mets 5, Dodgers 4

The Mets beat the Dodgers 5-4 tonight at Citi Field.


The Dodgers left 22 runners on base, including two in the top of the ninth when Andre Ethier grounded into a game-ending double play.

Hiroki Kuroda was not sharp at all, giving up eight hits and five runs in just 4.1 innings.

The Dodgers bullpen threw 3.2 scoreless innings to give the team a chance to come back. But they couldn’t quite get it done in the ninth.

Ethier was 0 for 5 and left eight runners on base.

Rafael Furcal had two hits and two RBIs.

Manny Ramirez hit a solo home run in the top of the ninth off Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez to cut the lead to one run.


Manny had only one hit to show for his effort, but he was tagging the ball all night, and the opposite home run he hit against K-Rod was a thing of beauty.

Russell Martin had two hits and two walks.


The Dodgers send LHP Randy Wolf (3-3, 3.49) against. RHP Livan Hernandez (5-4, 4.56) at 4:10 p.m. in the finale of the three-game series Thursday.

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  • Harpo JB

    Hello, Vincent.

    This is a correction to your otherwise excellent report: The Dodgers left only 12 runners on base, not 22.

    The LOB stat is to indicate how many guys got on base without scoring.

    You made a common mistake you added up the individual LOB counts for each player. Doing this counts the same runner(s) multiple times, even though he can only be left on base when the inning ends.