Reaction: Joe Torre talks about last night

Dodgers’ manager Joe Torre wrapped up his pregame talk with reporters a few minutes ago. Here are some highlights:

Re: Does he expect any carry over from last night:

I just expect baseball tonight (re: last night’s issue).

Re: His reaction to Prince Fielder trying to barge into the Dodgers clubhouse:

There’s a lot of passion in this game. A lot of things go on. I’m a little surprised and disappointed that this is getting all the attention. It’s baseball. I think we’re making more of it than there is.

People getting hit by pitches has been going on a lot longer than you or I have been around the game.

Nobody likes to see anybody get hurt. There are certain things that happen in this game that you chalk up to “that’s what this game is like” and getting hit by pitch is one of those things.

Re: Does he expect any warnings from umpires:

We’ll wait and see (if both teams get warned before the game)

Re: Manny getting the dayoff:

Manny is just getting a blow today. It was a long road trip with the extra inning games and late arrivals. He’ll be back tomorrow. It has nothing to do with last night. Will try to give Kemp a day tomorrow.

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