Sutcliffe on Prince: “I applaud him”

Just got home and caught the rebroadcast of the Red Sox – Rays game with Rick Sutcliffe doing the color commentary. In the sixth inning, Sutcliffe told a story of a similar situation he had with the Dodgers back in the day.

“I did that with the Dodgers,” Sutcliffe said. “Pedro Guerrero hit a home run off of me and stood there looking at it. I was going to get him the next time up but he took himself out of the game.”

After that, Sutcliffe said he went over to the Dodgers clubhouse after the game to have a few words with Guerrero. Some of the Dodgers let him in and told him Guerrero was in the training room.

He was about to enter when Manny Mota stepped in front of him and talked him down.

Sutcliffe turned around and went back to the visitors’ locker room.

“I know a lot of people are all over Prince for that, but I applaud him,” Sutcliffe said.