Done deal: Padilla signed by Dodgers

The Dodgers have signed Vicente Padilla, who is expected to join their rotation next week in Colorado. Joe Torre talked about the signing moments ago, here are some of the highlights:

We are bringing in Padilla and he will probably start a week from tomorrow in Colorado. He’ll pitch this weekend in Albuquerque..

Its fair to judge a guy on the time you spend with him. I won’t judge his past. He’s here to help us win ballgames on a clean slate. If he steps out of line we’ll deal with it but right now he’s one of our pitchers.

I don’t see it as a risk. This is not a team that one bad influence could make a difference.

Like I said in an earlier post, this is a big risk, considering all the baggage Padilla brings, but the Dodgers really have no choice at the moment, considering the state of their rotation.

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