Is Manny a Hall of Famer?

Does Manny Ramirez belong in Cooperstown?
Or is his legacy tainted by what appears to be two positive drug tests?
Some of Ramirez’ numbers to consider:

  • His .312 batting average is 87th all-time.
  • His .411 on-base percentage ranks him 32nd.
  • He finishes ninth with a .585 slugging percentage.
  • What’s more, his .996 career OPS ranks ninth all-time.
  • He’s 14th all-time with 555 homers, 18th with 1,831 RBIs.
  • His 21 grand slams puts him just two behind leader Lou Gehrig.
  • No one has hit more postseason homers than his 29 shots.

So what say you? Comment away …

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