Daily Distractions: Possible beer shortage, new rules for MLB and WBC.

One Dodger fan has begun a crusade to get his beer.

The fan, Thomas Nagano, claims that he was charged for 24 ounces of beer but received less than that at Dodger Stadium when he attended a game this season. The video, which had about 500 views on YouTube when I checked it out this morning, explains the mix-up fairly clearly:

Nagano has already taken up his case with the Los Angeles County Department of Consumer Affairs. An isolated incident, or a sudsy scam on a seismic scale? Feel free to add your comment below.

On to the links …

• Judging by my Twitter feed, the renewed attempt to ban fake-to-third, throw-to-first pickoff moves by baseball owners was the most newsworthy of the three rules changes proposed last week. (Maybe that’s because most people I follow on Twitter perfected the move in Little League). But the other two rules changes reported by Jayson Stark are more pertinent to the Dodgers: Interpreters will be allowed on the mound during a conference with a non-native English speaking pitcher, and a seventh coach will be allowed in the dugout. That means that A.J. Ellis won’t need to keep a Korean dictionary in his back pocket during Hyun-Jin Ryu starts, and assistant hitting coach John Valentin can watch the game with the rest of the team.

• Brian Wilson worked out for the Mets at UCLA. A contract could be next.

• Nyjer Morgan’s Twitter account was allegedly hacked yesterday. A free agent in real life, it sure looked like he was about to become a free agent in his dating life.

• I mentioned this on Twitter but not in my story about the Dodgers’ new ticket-pricing scale: When season-ticket holders have the opportunity to tour Dodger Stadium at the select-a-seat event on Jan. 24 and 25, some sections will be closed off to the public due to the ongoing construction. Many of the seats hadn’t even been installed as of a week ago (and probably won’t be by the 24th). Check out our photos here.

A cheap Marlins joke, because who doesn’t love a cheap Marlins joke?

• J.J. Putz re-signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks for a reported two years, $13.5 million. The 35-year-old turned in one of his worst pitching lines against the Dodgers in 2012: .333/.429/.433, striking out six and walking five in 35 plate appearances — not a bad sample size for a closer.

• The new rules for the World Baseball Classic include a reduced pitch count.

• Not a sports link, but if you have any interest in CTE and the risk the disease poses to football players, I highly recommend this interview with Warren Olney which aired yesterday on KCRW (89.9-FM). Segment begins at 1:43.

• The Reign of Kindo, in my opinion the most underrated band in America, is releasing a new album this year. I’m a little giddy. Here’s some classic TROK to whet your whistle:

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