Daily Distractions: One day until Dodgers pitchers and catchers report; items on Jon Garland, Matt Kemp, Mike Piazza.

We’re driving to Arizona today in advance of Dodgers pitchers and catchers reporting tomorrow, and hope to fare better than Brandon League.

Perhaps it’s the calm before the storm, but only a Kevin Gregg signing interrupted a slow weekend for baseball-related Dodgers news. Off-the-field news? Keep reading, it’ll keep you busy until we hit Indio:

• Confirmed: The Dodgers are among the donors who have contributed a total of $1 million in reward money toward the manhunt for fugitive Christopher Dorner.

Jon Garland is beginning his comeback trail in Seattle. FoxSports.com has the details.

One scout’s assessment of the Southern California Invitational showcase in Compton: “There was no star power, other than (Carlos) Salazar—that was it.”

• The Dodgers have four of the majors’ 15 most un-tradeable contracts, writes Jonah Keri on Grantland.

RIP Edith Houghton.

• Some more photos of Matt Kemp and his mother for Ebony magazine.

Atlanta Braves logo• Remember this logo? The Atlanta Braves aren’t bringing it back on their hats after all.

• In his new book, Mike Piazza admits to using androstenedione, but swears that’s as far as he went in the PED category. Haven’t we heard that before?

• The first team to exceed its international signing allotment was not the Dodgers, but the Rays, per BaseballAmerica.com.

• Happy belated birthday to Luis Cruz, who turned 29 on Sunday.

• SportsIllustrated.com grades the Dodgers’ offseason as a B-plus. What say you?

• Vintage Trouble is a band from L.A., but I’ve regrettably never crossed paths with one of their live shows. And this song, courtesy of the Late Show With David Letterman, was born to be consumed live. (H/t to @BizBallMaury via Twitter):

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