Daily Distractions: All-Star voting unkind to the Dodgers, and more on Yasiel Puig.

Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw might be the Dodgers’ only hope for having an All-Star starter. (Associated Press photo)

How many Dodgers are worthy of playing in the 2013 All-Star Game in New York next month?

Clayton Kershaw, sure. And then?

It seems Kershaw is the Dodgers’ only hope for an All-Star starter after the first round of voting results were announced Tuesday. Adrian Gonzalez led all Dodgers with 464,845 votes, fourth among all National League first basemen. No other Dodger placed in the top five at his position. Matt Kemp ranked 14th among all outfielders (389,372).

Fans can’t vote for pitchers or designated hitters, though these are possible avenues for a Dodger to start the game.

Kemp was a fan selection each of the last two years and was joined in each game by Kershaw. Andre Ethier (2010, 2011) is the only other Dodger on the current roster who’s appeared in the game in a Dodgers uniform.

Some more bullet points for an International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression:

• Tim Bravo is a teacher who lives in New Mexico. He’s helped several Latin American-born Dodgers with the transition to the United States, and he’s teaching English to Yasiel Puig in between interpreting for him at press conferences.

• Of all the things that Puig will be learning through formal instruction other than baseball, English might be number one (he did answer one question Monday with a perfect “thank you.”) Put simply, there’s not a lot of time outside the game to teach the game. Said Don Mattingly: “If he’s going to be playing every day, you can’t come out and do extra work every day. The best place to teach is from the result in the game. If things are happening in the game it’s an easy place to teach from. Davey (Lopes, the Dodgers’ first base coach) will be doing some work with him in different spots. As much as we can. The emphasis is still the game. He can’t come out working, pounding him into the ground.”

• H/t to Fox Sports’ Joe McDonell for snapping this photo from the press box of Puig’s first hit.

• Puig is the silver lining (in the last paragraph) to this column by CBSSports.com’s Jon Heyman about the difficulty of trading Andre Ethier.

• Apparently there was a skunk at Dodger Stadium last night. His scent didn’t waft into my corner of the press box (Vin Scully might have had a different experience) but apparently it was enough to tape off a section of seats. Were you there? Got a skunk story?

• “My My, Hey Hey” by Neil Young reminds us that it’s “better to burn out than fade away”:

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