What the Arizona Diamondbacks are saying after tonight’s brawl.

All quotes courtesy of the Associated Press …

Manager Kirk Gibson:

“I know they’re mad. They thought we hit Puig, but certainly we didn’t. The guy hits everything out over the plate. But the ball got away from Ian [Kennedy] and got inside. It’s as simple as that. I didn’t order anything. It’s certainly not what Ian wanted to do. I mean, it might have been Ian’s choice to come inside, but we never try to hit anybody up high or in the head. Sometimes you try and come inside and the ball gets away from you. That’s the danger of it. But we’re certainly not going to try and jeopardize anybody’s career. We respect those guys too much. They responded, and it was certainly obvious. And beyond that, things just got out of control. Donnie was mad, and I’m sure they’ll accept no culpability.”

Pitcher Ian Kennedy:

(On the pitch to Puig:) “With two strikes, I was just trying to go inside. I don’t know where it hit him. I thought I got him on the shoulder, but by his reaction, I figure I got him somewhere in the face. I definitely did not want to hit a guy with two strikes and put somebody like him on base.”

(On the retaliation pitch to Montero:) “I don’t know what that was all about, and I didn’t think it was right what he did to Miggy, but it was not intentional on my part (throwing at Greinke). I honestly had no idea that it was that high until I saw the replay.”

Catcher Miguel Montero:

“It got pretty ugly. They came out of nowhere, just throwing punches. When everybody was trying to break it up, they just kept coming and throwing punches. It was like 25 against 72, because all the DL guys were out there, too. I guess their arms were feeling pretty good because they were throwing good punches.”

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