Daily Distractions: Contemplating Kershaw contracts; Dodgers-Yankees; Yasiel Puig.

Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw is looking for a lot of money in his contract extension. But we knew that already, right? (Ray Chavez/Bay Area News Group)

Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers are talking about a contract extension. One side or both might be getting antsy.

At least, that’s often the case when the terms of a deal are leaked to the media: To achieve something that negotiation cannot.

Kershaw said the leak came from the Dodgers’ camp, not his. Regardless, there’s not a whole lot we can read into the reports on CBSsports.com and FoxSports.com, mainly because the two stories differ on the dollar amounts being discussed and the likelihood of a deal happening in the near future.

If — and this is a fairly big if — Kershaw is seeking “about $225 million,” as CBSsports.com reports, he probably wouldn’t prefer the 10-year or 12-year contract structures mentioned on FoxSports.com, which would almost certainly lock in Kershaw to a longer term than he’s seeking. Those terms were more likely to have been proposed by the Dodgers. Again, this assumes the two reports are both drawing their separate information from reliable sources.

Is it wise to invest 12 years in a 25-year-old pitcher who has already thrown more than 1,000 major-league innings? In any player?

These are legitimate questions here. The Dodgers have probably asked them internally. At some point, we might discover what conclusion they reach. Does Kershaw think he’s worth 12 years and $300 million? Ask him yourself in about an hour.

Some bullet points for an Autistic Pride Day:

• The Dodgers are in New York. Seems like Hanley Ramirez was reminded of this in an unusual way.

• A good question pondered on CBSsports.com: “Dodgers-Yankees is the most common of all World Series matchups, played 11 times. Nothing else even comes close. So why in the world, then, has Dodgers at Yankees been the least common of regular-season interleague matchups?”

• New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman grew up a Dodgers fan.

• From ESPN.com: “(Don) Mattingly might very well manage in the home dugout in the Bronx someday. That is, if (Joe) Girardi ever relinquishes his spot.”

Ian Kennedy dropped his appeal of his 10-game suspension for throwing a pitch near the head of Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke.

The Huffington Post has video of the weekend brawl between the Albuquerque Isotopes and Memphis Redbirds.

• A young Dodgers fan spoke his mind. The next Tommy Lasorda, or the next Skip Bayless?

Gwenn Knapp’s take on Yasiel Puig for Sports on Earth is a thorough snapshot of his place in the moment.

• ICYMI, the song “Puig Destroyer” by the band Puig Destroyer is 48 seconds of thrash-metal heaven.

• “The Mushroom Of Course!” by promising indie rapper Castle is one of the most delightfully goofy songs I’ve heard in years (and NSFW):