Four outfielders, three outfield positions. What can the Dodgers do? Smile.

With center fielder Matt Kemp back on the job Tuesday for the Dodgers after nearly a month on the disabled list because of a strained hamstring and with Yasiel Puig firmly entrenched in right field and with Andre Ethier filling in capably in Kemp’s absence and with Carl Crawford on the mend, how is Dodgers manager Don Mattingly going to juggle his outfielders? Kemp will play in center and Puig will be in right, Mattingly said.

Ethier could move to left or take a seat on the bench.

Crawford could play left or take a seat on the bench.

Puig could play left in order to make way for Ethier or Crawford.

“It’s not a problem,” Mattingly said of the Dodgers’ impending return to health.

“We’ve been saying we’re pretty much at full strength,” Mattingly added. “This (Kemp’s return from the DL) kind of puts us there. Obviously, Carl’s not back yet, but w kind of inserted Yasiel there. We’ll figure that piece out when Carl gets back, but our lineup is pretty much back to full strength.”


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