Daily Distractions: Chemistry, cover boys, and Chet Faker’s new tune.

Yasiel Puig Hollywood ReporterYasiel Puig is this week’s Hollywood Reporter cover boy.

Watch the video included with the story. I think it does a great job peeling back the curtain on the sort of shenanigans that go on inside the Dodgers’ clubhouse all the time — not just between Puig and Juan Uribe, and not just when the Hollywood Reporter is making a celebrity out of a baseball player.

Those kind of antics are often difficult for reporters to put into words, language barrier or not. Even when you quote the banter verbatim (here’s a good example from today between Skip Schumaker and Nick Punto), the light-hearted freneticness of the moment doesn’t always jump out of the page/computer screen in a way that screams “this team obviously has good chemistry.”

But yeah, this team obviously has good chemistry.

Some bullet points for a Pakistani Independence Day:

• Hyun-Jin Ryu stuck it to Matt Harvey last night and seemed to enjoy it.

• Remember when leadership was a big question mark for the Dodgers? The answer was on a bench that’s emerged as the heart of the 2013 club, writes colleague Vincent Bonsignore.

So that‘s what that sound was during Don Mattingly’s postgame press conference.

• Uribe was the victim of another hidden ball trick yesterday:

Manny Ramirez was released from his minor-league deal with the Texas Rangers. He’ll play winter ball and isn’t retiring.

• Chet Faker, whose cover of the classic Blackstreet track “No Diggity” went viral when it was featured in a booze commercial, has a new song: