Daily Distractions: This scavenger hunt is a suite deal for fans.

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson with Rachel Robinson on Jackie Robinson Day at Dodger Stadium. Photo by Getty Images

Want to meet Magic Johnson?

Sorry — to #MeetMagic?

The Dodgers are hosting a scavenger hunt to give seven fans a chance to meet the Dodgers’ co-owner and receive two suite tickets to his sold-out Bobblehead Night game Sept. 12 against the San Francisco Giants.

The rules: Beginning at 2 p.m. today, and around the same time each of the next six days, @Dodgers will tweet a clue related to the specific location of a Magic Johnson bobblehead with hashtag #MeetMagic. You need to travel to the location of the Bobblehead, find the Dodger Blue Crew member with the Bobblehead, and correctly answer a trivia question. The bobbleheads are going to be placed at “several iconic Southern California locations.” That’s all we know.

You can only win one pair of tickets, which are valued at $1,000. Some more rules can be found here.

Some bullet points for a Rosh Hashana:

• If the Dodgers finish the season with the best record in the National League, they will actually be fighting history: The last team with the NL’s best regular-season record to win the World Series was the 1995 Atlanta Braves.

• The Dodgers’ starting pitchers in Colorado — Clayton Kershaw, Ricky Nolasco and Edinson Volquez — were limited to 81, 85 and 75 pitches respectively. Part of the reason is the high altitude of Coors Field. Another reason is that pitch counts matter more than ever; Keith Olbermann and Howard Bryant laid out the reasons why.

Yasiel Puig might not be the best rookie in the National League, writes Buster Olney.

Mark Ellis did a good thing.

• Interesting table here from FanGraphs.com that makes a decent case for Clayton Kershaw as the National League MVP.

• Saw this article titled “Leo Durocher’s Range” and expected a quantitative analysis of his defense at shortstop or second base. Instead it’s about his acting range, which was limited.

• Free plug for the website Twiangulate: Johnson and fellow Dodgers co-owner Peter Guber follow eight Twitter accounts in common. Only one of those accounts belongs to a professional athlete. Good luck guessing who it is (before clicking on that link).

• On Easter Monday 258 years ago — March 31, 1755, in case you forgot — some Englishmen and Englishwomen played a game called “Base Ball.”

• Some notes from MLBtraderumors.com on Will Venable’s two-year contract extension and what it means for the San Diego Padres.

• Jazz pianist Vince Guaraldi is well known for his brilliant “Peanuts” soundtrack and, more recently, for filling Starbucks with coffeeshop-style Christmas music. Here’s a cover of a Guaraldi original called “Ginza Samba”:

And the original, “Skating”:

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