Daily Distractions: Dodgers featured prominently as new advertisement sets the postseason field.

That’s the new MLB “We Play for October” commercial, the league’s first promotional spot for the playoffs that begins airing today.

Clips of three Dodgers players are featured: Clayton Kershaw, Yasiel Puig and Hanley Ramirez. Makes sense considering the Dodgers enter their three-game series in Cincinnati with a less than one percent chance of missing the playoffs.

While the Dodgers continue taking things one game at a time, it was interesting to see the league’s marketing department counting its chickens. Ten teams make the playoffs, and ten teams had clips in this ad: The Dodgers, Pirates, Braves, Rangers, Tigers and Red Sox — the six division leaders — plus the Cardinals, Reds, A’s and Rays.

Left on the chopping block were a couple of realistic American League playoff hopefuls, the Yankees and Orioles, plus the National League longshots in Arizona and Washington. The message: Next time, just play for September — when the ads come out.

A few bullet points for a Swaziland Independence Day:

• Bonus if you recognized the name of the song featured in the ad. “My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark” by Fallout Boy.

• Speaking of Ryan Braun: He isn’t in the ad, but he is calling Milwaukee Brewers season ticket holders to apologize.

Julio Uriasrookie season in a nutshell.

• Enough major league general managers seem to dislike one major rule just enough that it might get changed some day.

• The Dodgers knew they were excluding non-local fans from their #MeetMagic Twitter ticket giveaway contest. RantSports.com rants about this.

• In the same vein, if the Dodgers ever hold a “Best Man Cave” or “Best Fan Cave” contest, the winner might live on the Jersey shore.

• Jamiroquai’s man cave in the “Space Cowboy” video wouldn’t win, yet has a cool modern minimalist thing going: