Daily Distractions: Zach Lee, not the next Drew Henson, has no regrets about choosing baseball over football.

Zach Lee

The Dodgers and scouting director Logan White (right) lured Zach Lee (left) from LSU with a $5.25 million signing bonus in 2010. (Associated Press photo)

MLB.com had an interesting article today about some lesser known baseball-football connections, from Frank Thomas to Jake Locker to Jameis Winston and Russell Wilson.

Maybe the most interesting line in that piece was about Drew Henson. You might recall that Henson was a star quarterback at Michigan, succeeding Tom Brady in 1998, then tried his hand at baseball and even got in a few games with the Yankees after climbing the minor-league ladder. Then he retired, tried his hand at football again, and was relegated to being a backup most of his career. Writes Jim Callis:

I still think Drew Henson could have been a star in baseball had that been his focus — one evaluator I highly respect compared Henson’s skills to those of Mike Schmidt — but doubling as a quarterback ultimately meant he didn’t realize his potential in any sport.

Maybe the Dodgers should count their lucky stars that Zach Lee has no intention of becoming the next Drew Henson.

Lee, the 2013 organizational pitcher of the year, was once a highly recruited quarterback out of McKinney (Texas) High School. He chose to attend Louisiana State University, and did for a time, and was anointed as a savior of the LSU football program in at least one headline. (Actually, read those whole first two paragraphs again in italics: The heavens part and there, riding on the clouds comes a gift from the gods, or perhaps planet Krypton. Yes, he is the one we’ve been waiting for. Zach Lee. If only this picture came replete with angelic purple wings and a shiny golden halo to signify his immaculate arrival. Well, we hope so anyways.)

As recently as last April, the New Orleans media opined about what might have been with Lee. Does Lee ever wonder “what if?”

“I don’t have any regrets about what I did, the decision I made,” Lee said Wednesday. “It’s really kind of more now going back and reflecting on memories, reflecting on the great times I had with some of my teammates. Not necessarily the on-field stuff, but more the experiences you get out of it.”

Lee said he didn’t feel any “twinges” while watching the bowl games, including Monday’s BCS championship game, when Florida State beat Auburn.

“I’m kind of an analytical person,” he said. “So I analyze football as well as having a background in it. I was a little disappointed the SEC couldn’t pull it off, but it was a great game.”

Some bullet points for a Vodoun Day:

• ICYMI: Yasiel Puig, playing the role of the prodigal son, is in the middle of a sports-as-family metaphor with the Dodgers right now.

Masahiro Tanaka has reportedly narrowed the list of markets he’d like to play in. (Hint: Los Angeles is one.)

• The Dodgers are willing to spend what it takes to sign Tanaka — to a point.

• Hyun-Jin Ryu talked about Tanaka possibly becoming a Dodger, and a bunch of other things, in this article (in English).

• ESPN’s Mark Simon tweeted this nifty infographic about how Clayton Kershaw strikes out opponents.

• My favorite part of “Around the Horn” is now available in eBook form.

Hideo Nomo received six Hall of Fame votes. One of the six voters explains.

• Dodger fans can choose whose bobblehead should be given away this season on Twitter until Sunday. Here’s a strong case, and a hashtag, for Greg Maddux.

• An excellent take on the Don Mattingly contract situation from SportsOnEarth.com: Mattingly wasn’t demanding a contract; he was demanding respect.

• Coming Monday to Dodger Stadium: Wayne Gretzky and a big ice-making truck.

This article, about a teenage Mike Piazza‘s potential as a major-league power hitter, contains some great research. There’s a problem with the headline, however, since being a power-hitting prodigy and taking steroids later in life aren’t mutually exclusive. Both might be true about Piazza, though we have no idea if they are.

• In a previous life, I attended a concert afterparty with half of Cibo Matto, whose long-awaited new album drops next month. The teaser is “MFN”:

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