Game 41: The drought is over — not the rain, the other one(s) — and thoughts on Ryu’s injury.

Adrian Gonzalez

True story: It was cloudy, breezy and growing unusually cold as the Dodgers filed onto the field for their usual pregame stretch today. The skies were gray. I asked Brett Anderson if he thought it was going to rain. “No,” he said. “I’m not pitching today.” (Outside joke.)

It didn’t rain Friday, but a couple droughts ended in the Dodgers’ 2-1 win over the San Diego Padres.

The game story is here. The box score is here. The photo gallery is here.

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Moving Jimmy Rollins down in the lineup is an option, but when?

Jimmy Rollins

Jimmy Rollins’ batting average has been below .200 since April 22. (Michael Owen Baker/Staff photographer)

The Dodgers entered Friday’s game against the San Diego Padres with a 31-inning scoreless streak. It was ultimately extended to 35, tying a Los Angeles Dodgers record, before Andre Ethier drove in Justin Turner in the fifth inning.

Jimmy Rollins, who’s slashing .196/.260/.326 over the last month, batted second today. He’s batted second in each of his starts since April 29. Before the game I asked Don Mattingly if he would consider moving Rollins down in the lineup in order to jump-start the offense.

“Obviously at some point you have to make decisions on what’s best for the club,” Mattingly said. “If we get there, that’s what we do.”

That’s the closest Mattingly has come to acknowledging that moving Rollins down in the order is in the team’s best interest. If that’s the case, the manager has thus far chosen to defer to a veteran player who isn’t interested in batting lower than second. The Dodgers entered play Friday with a 24-16, good for first place in the National League West, which might be buying Rollins some time to sort things out.

All this is nothing new, really. But to this point in the season, questions involving Rollins’ numbers were typically met with a response about the quality of Rollins’ at-bats. So for Mattingly to acknowledge the elephant in the room is at least blog-worthy.

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Brandon Beachy throws three-inning simulated game, will throw more sim games.

Not long after Brandon Beachy threw a three-inning simulated game on Friday, the Dodgers pitcher dismissed the notion that he’s close to appearing in a rehab game.

Forget the swings and misses, he said, and the home run Joc Pederson hit off him in the third inning. How the pitcher feels about his readiness is more important than how ready he appears to anyone else.

“There’s some things I have to do and feel before I can be in an actual game,” Beachy said. “Just feel good, feel confident and being able to execute a little better, have a little bit better feel for my pitches.”

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