Poll: Who’s in the Dodgers’ postseason bullpen?


Last year, the Dodgers’ roster for the National League Division Series and NL Championship Series included six relief pitchers. It also featured a starting pitcher (Chris Capuano in the first round, Edinson Volquez in the second) who essentially served as a long reliever/emergency starter.

This year, it’s anyone’s guess what the Dodgers will do after clinching a playoff spot last night.

The bullpen had its issues in an 8-7 loss to the Cubs on Saturday. There are many question marks, but here’s the big one: Who would you bring?

Keep in mind the playoff roster is limited to 25 per round. You’ll need at least eight position players and you’ll want four starters, just in case. But there’s no limit on how many boxes you can check on this poll, which closes October 1. Take it again if you change your mind:

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Dodgers 8, Chicago Cubs 5: Will the West be won with offense?

Yasiel Puig

Yasiel Puig made a basket catch and scored a career high four runs in the Dodgers’ 8-5 win over the Chicago Cubs. (Associated Press photo)

The “bullpen game” idea worked — but give the offense credit, as the box score shows.

Also: Dan Haren is geared up for tomorrow’s start against the Giants, but he insists it‘s not the most pressure-filled series of the season.

The Giants lost to the Padres, 8-2. The Dodgers’ magic number to clinch the NL West is 3.

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Don Mattingly on the importance of playing the San Francisco Giants.

CHICAGO >> The Dodgers are playing the San Francisco Giants tomorrow, in case you haven’t heard. It’s a three-game series and this is what the standings look like right now.

So, rivalry game in the final week of the season with first place in the division at stake. Perhaps not surprisingly, Don Mattingly didn’t have to explain this to the Dodger players.

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Hyun-Jin Ryu’s submaximal throwing program continues.

I decided to look up “submaximal” on dictionary.com today. There is no picture next to the word, let alone an image.

Therefore, I submit this video for approval for Messrs. Merriam, Webster, Collins, Oxford et. al:

Ryu threw a little longer and a little harder than he did yesterday, about 10 minutes. He felt well enough to playfully throw a baseball off Yasiel Puig‘s butt, after Puig mocked his throwing motion. Ryu met with head athletic trainer Stan Conte, just as he did Saturday. It serves to reason that he’ll continue throwing Monday, when the Dodgers return home to play the Giants.

An MRI revealed inflammation in Ryu’s left shoulder after he left his last start (Sept. 12) with an injury.

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Chicago Cubs 8, Dodgers 7: Who (and what) to blame for a bullpen meltdown?

Adrian Gonzalez

Adrian Gonzalez was surrounded by bubbles after hitting the first of his two home runs in the Dodgers’ 8-7 loss to the Chicago Cubs on Saturday. (Associated Press photo)

The Dodgers’ bullpen melted down in a big way Saturday, leaving everyone searching for an explanation. The box score is here.

The Dodgers could have used another blowout win. Beyond getting them closer to a division title, it presents a golden opportunity for a relatively old team to rest up.

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Watch: Yasiel Puig makes diving catch, turns inning-ending double play.

CHICAGO >> Dodgers center fielder Yasiel Puig made one of the best catches you’ll see this year in the fifth inning Saturday.

Puig ran down a line-drive to the left-center field gap hit by the Chicago Cubs’ Jorge Soler, dove head-first to make the catch, then threw to second base to complete an inning-ending double play.

(His right shoulder might not look OK, but he was able to bat in the top of the sixth inning and hit a stand-up double.)

Thanks to Chad Moriyama and Daniel Brim for the GIFs:

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Sunday’s starting pitcher: Either Dan Haren or a ‘bullpen day.’

CHICAGO >> The Dodgers still haven’t decided who will start Sunday’s series finale at Wrigley Field, manager Don Mattingly said.

“It’s either going to be Danny (Haren) or a bullpen day,” he said.

Mattingly maintained that he’ll wait until Saturday’s game is over to determine who pitches Sunday.

Sunday’s game plan in turn affects the plan for Monday’s home game against the San Francisco Giants. For what it’s worth, Haren has a career ERA of 5.86 at Wrigley Field (five starts) compared to a 3.48 ERA at Dodger Stadium (22 starts).

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Hyun-Jin Ryu begins his submaximal throwing program.

CHICAGO >> If a pitcher you’re hoping can start in October is only allowed to play light catch for less than 10 minutes on September 20, you’ve got a problem.

For Hyun-Jin Ryu, it’s a start.

The left-hander apparently felt well enough to begin his submaximal throwing program at Wrigley Field on Saturday morning. What is “submaximal”? In Ryu’s case, he tossed the ball to a bullpen catcher for 5-10 minutes while head athletic trainer Stan Conte watched.

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said the plan is for Ryu to “ramp up” his throwing intensity in the coming days.

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Russell Martin, Jonathan Broxton help Dodgers secure playoff berth.

Jonathan Broxton allowed a three-run home run to Russell Martin in the eighth inning, giving the Pittsburgh Pirates a 3-2 win over the Milwaukee Brewers on Friday.

The Pirates’ victory means the Dodgers can finish no worse than in a tie with the Milwaukee Brewers for the final wild-card position.

Coincidentally, it was two former Dodgers who combined to get their former team into the playoffs.

The current Dodgers had no interest in celebrating Friday night.

“We want the NL West,” outfielder Matt Kemp said. “I wouldn’t mind having the best record in the National League.”

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