Links to pregame Dodgers video interviews

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly was put through the wringer on a multitude of subjects, including Yasiel Puig’s return, Scott Van Slyke’s injury, Jose Peraza’s injury, Zack Greinke’s ERA title chase and Clayton Kershaw’s quest for 300 strikeouts.

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Dodgers manager Don Mattingly recounts his concussion as a player, caused by Rex Hudler

In the wake up Yasmani Grandal’s concussion sustained Friday night against the San Diego Padres, Dodgers manager Don Mattingly recounted when he sustained a concussion as a player with the New York Yankees.

It involved breaking up a double play, getting hit in the head by Rex Hudler and a funny story about Yankees trainer Steve Donohue.

Mattingly stayed in the game but admitted he had been knocked out. The new rules for a concussion by Major League Baseball are designed to protect players from concussions. Grandal is on the seven-day disabled list to give him time to recover.

Dodgers finally break free from the NL West

After nearly six weeks of baseball with a heavy emphasis on NL West opponents, the Dodgers are finally venturing outside of the division to play the Atlanta Braves and St. Louis Cardinals this week.

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said it will change how the team prepares for opponents as the team encounters more fresh players that the team is not as familiar with as the NL West.

The Dodgers offense might be poised to end its prolonged drought playing against new opponents who have not adjusted to the Dodgers core of young hitters like Joc Pederson or Alex Guerrero like the NL West.

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly explains restraint on Justin Turner

Throughout the season, Dodgers manager has reiterated that he does not view Justin Turner as a player who can play six or seven times a week.

Turner is batting .288 with five homers and 17 RBIs in 35 games and has been one of the Dodgers’ more consistent hitters.

Mattingly said he tries to use Turner as much as he can and said Turner’s knees prevent him from being that everyday guy, at least for now.