Dodgers’ Joc Pederson on designated hitting and ADD.

Joc Pederson

Joc Pederson went 2 for 2 in his Cactus League debut Wednesday. (Getty Images)

Joc Pederson was a curious choice as the Dodgers’ designated hitter Wednesday.

Hitters who haven’t done it before often struggle with the downtime between plate appearances. “It’s a good thing I’m not the DH,” Wade Boggs once said. “I would have committed suicide a long time ago.”

Pederson, who’s never DH’d in the minor leagues, is still with us. But he didn’t know what to do with the downtime Wednesday.
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Dodgers minor-leaguers in uniform today against the Chicago White Sox.

Please add the following names to your program for today’s game against the Chicago White Sox:

infielder Luis Mateo (No.86)
outfielder Joey Curletta (No.96)
Travis Witherspoon (No.85)
Jeremy Horst (No.97)
Jeremy Kehrt (No.87)
Steve Smith (No.95)