Dodgers second baseman Chase Utley bids Philly farewell with full-page newspaper ad.

CINCINNATI — Generally speaking, newspaper advertising revenues are like the stock market … if you were paying attention beginning in 1929 and ending in 1933. They only trend in one direction. For that small segment of the population who happens to be employed by a newspaper, it’s not a good direction.

In fact, it seems that there are so few groups of people or businesses who regularly buy ads in newspapers anymore, you can almost count them on one hand. One is professional athletes who live and work in one city long enough to feel an emotional connection when they leave.

So when Dodgers second baseman Chase Utley took out a full-page ad in Sunday’s Philadelphia Daily News, it tugged at my heart. Not so much because it was classy or respectful — though it was certainly both — but because it validated the daily newspaper as a social institution. You can take out a full page of the internet and no one will notice. Take out a full page of the newspaper and it means something, revenue trends be damned.

Here’s the ad (h/t Ryan Lawrence on Twitter):
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Game 124: Alex Wood shows some emotion as Dodgers end losing streak.

Alex Wood

Alex Wood threw 88 pitches without allowing a run when he was removed in the sixth inning of the Dodgers’ 5-1 win over the Reds on Tuesday. (Associated Press photo)

CINCINNATI — Alex Wood pitched his best game as a Dodger, and the bullpen redeemed itself, for one night as the Dodgers beat the Reds 5-1. The box score is here.

The Giants lost their third straight game, 8-5 to the Chicago Cubs, so the Dodgers lead the National League West by 5 ½ games.

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Don Mattingly: Julio Urias is in the September conversation.

CINCINNATI — The Dodgers’ front office is currently discussing potential call-ups in September, when rosters expand to 40. Mattingly has characterized the reinforcements as coming in two separate “waves,” one early in the month and another later on.

Asked about 19-year-old pitcher Julio Urias, Mattingly said his name has been discussed.

“He’s probably not one of the guys we would see right away,” the manager said. “We’ve talked about two waves of guys. He’s not one of the first waves of guys.”

Urias has struck out 71 batters in 62 ⅓ innings for Double-A Tulsa. He was limited to throwing 87 ⅔ innings at Single-A last year, and is expected to have a higher limit this year.

Even if Urias is called up, he might not pitch.

“You want to bring guys up for a purpose,” Mattingly said. “Sometimes it may just be for him to be here, and to experience being on the club and traveling and seeing other teams play.”

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