Dodgers choose Justin Turner as their primary third baseman over Alex Guerrero.

SAN DIEGO — Justin Turner isn’t starting at third base today against the San Diego Padres. Alberto Callaspo is.

That’s in keeping with Don Mattingly habit of resting Turner for a day game after a night game, and taking advantage of Callaspo’s ability to switch hit against a right-handed starter, James Shields. (Turner and Alex Guerrero both hit right-handed.)

There was a time not so long ago, around the time Juan Uribe was traded to the Atlanta Braves, that Guerrero and Turner were mentioned in the same breath as the Dodgers’ third basemen. But Turner has started 13 of 19 games since the last time Guerrero got a start at third. Callaspo has started the other six.

Guerrero has started nine games in left field during that span. But the return of right fielder Yasiel Puig, and the subsequent shift of Andre Ethier to left field, put an end to that.

Mattingly declared this arrangement official Sunday, naming Turner the team’s primary third baseman:
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Game 61: The ordinary is extraordinary, the extraordinary is ordinary.

Yimi Garcia

Justin Turner and Yimi Garcia collided in the infield, letting Wil Myers’ pop-up fall with two outs in the seventh inning. An error was charged to Turner on the play. (Associated Press photo)

SAN DIEGO — The 2015 Dodgers are an interesting baseball team.

Clayton Kershaw struck out 11 batters in 6 ⅔ innings tonight. He got hit by a line drive. He gave up a home run to Clint Barmes, of all people. He threw more pitches than he’s thrown all season. This was a minor subplot.

(Watch Kershaw’s postgame interviews here.)

Alex Guerrero had one plate appearance. He fell behind 0-2, took a pitch in the dirt, then did something he’s done often enough this year to make you forget he’s a rookie, dumping a pinch-hit single into center field to win the game. Again: not the most compelling aspect of the Dodgers’ 4-3 win.

This is a team capable of making the extraordinary look completely ordinary, then turn around and look so fallibly human, like when Justin Turner and Yimi Garcia collided in the infield, A.J. Ellis ran the bases, and Adrian Gonzalez lost his cool:

Gonzalez talked about that quite a bit in my game story. The box score is here.

Paco Rodriguez has a bone spur in his left elbow. He’s hoping to postpone surgery until after the season is over.

Don Mattingly on Alex Guerrero: ‘We can’t put him anywhere where he gets to play every day.’

If the Dodgers had their druthers, Alex Guerrero might still be in the minor leagues learning how to play third base and left field. At least, that’s the way manager Don Mattingly made it sound in his pregame remarks Wednesday when discussing Guerrero’s learning curve.

Guerrero has two errors this season, both as a left fielder, in 30 games this season. He also has a .281/.311/.623 slash line and was the National League Rookie of the Month in April.

Judge for yourself: