Game 45: You can’t win ’em all, or at least most of ’em, against left-handers.

Juan Uribe jersey

Juan Uribe’s Atlanta Braves jersey is misspelled prior to his debut Wednesday at Dodger Stadium. (Keith Birmingham/Staff photographer)

Alex Wood made the Dodgers look stiff at the plate in a 3-2 loss Wednesday. Bad puns aside, he isn’t the first left-handed starter to dominate them this season. The Dodgers are now 2-5 against lefties. Only two NL teams have seen fewer left-handed starters this season and only one (the Colorado Rockies, who are 18-26 overall) has a lower winning percentage.

The final two at-bats of the game went like this: Ground ball off Juan Uribe‘s chest, Alberto Callaspo pinch-hit flyout. Of course. Once the trade dust settled, Uribe and Andrew Friedman had a slightly different version of events: Uribe said he never talked to Friedman about being traded to a team that would allow him to play everyday; Friedman said that Uribe’s agent, Martin Arburua, specifically proposed this idea.

The truth, whatever it is, won’t change the fact that Uribe’s a Brave now. Friedman offered a telling quote later, saying “I think personally (the trade) was tough for him, but professionally he was excited.” So maybe Uribe doesn’t want fans or teammates to think he wanted out, but he needed out as a professional who wanted to play baseball. That’s just a guess, one that would be consistent with Uribe’s character.

The box score is here. The photo gallery is here.

Game 45: Clayton Kershaw looks like himself again.

Alex Guerrero

Alex Guerrero injured his ankle sliding into second base early Tuesday, stayed in the game, then later slid into home plate. (John McCoy/Staff photographer)

The Dodgers beat the Braves, and Clayton Kershaw looked like himself.

Juan Uribe is going to be traded to the Atlanta Braves once the commissioner’s office approves the deal.

The box score is here. The photo gallery is here.

I spent six and a half innings in a hallway waiting for Juan Uribe, and all I wrote was this lousy blog.

I spent the first six innings of Tuesday night’s game standing in the hallway connecting the Dodgers and Braves clubhouses. That was a waste of time. So far as I can tell, only a bat and a little black book are going to Atlanta — not Juan Uribe, who must have watched the entire game from the Dodgers clubhouse, since he wasn’t in the dugout (or the hallway) after the National Anthem. Maybe he and Hyun-jin Ryu watched the game together. You all can use your imaginations.

Uribe is, of course, about to be traded to the Atlanta Braves. You don’t get choked up about trades that don’t happen. Teammates do not say their goodbyes if you’re going to be their teammate tomorrow.

If Uribe is a Dodger tomorrow, he’ll need a locker.

Multiple reports have the Dodgers receiving Eric Stults, Alberto Callaspo, Ian Thomas and Juan Jaime in return for Uribe and Chris Withrow. I can’t offer anything more than that, other than the fact that I saw more Dodgers front office officials hovering around the clubhouse today than any single day since the regular season began.

Check that. I can offer two more things:
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