Game 57: By any name, the problem’s the same.

Andre Ethier

Andre Ethier makes a catch in foul territory, leaning over the railing in the eighth inning Sunday. It was Ethier’s third start in left field all season. (Stephen Carr/Staff photographer)

The Cardinals rallied against the Dodgers’ bullpen to win 4-2 on Sunday, but scoring appears to be the deeper problem. The box score is here. The photo gallery is here.

Andre Ethier returned to left field with relatively little fanfare.

Game 55: Brett Anderson and the Dodgers are skunked again.

Dodger Stadium skunks

Animal control workers investigate the presence of skunks beneath a photographer’s well in the Cardinals’ dugout before Friday’s game. (Associated Press photo)

By the time this homestand is over, the Dodgers will have played 35 of their first 60 games this season at home. Between that and the record payroll, they really should be in first place in the National League West.

They are tonight, but only by the slimmest of margins after losing 2-1 to the St. Louis Cardinals. Brett Anderson had a funny quote in my story, but you knew he was a funny guy already.

Tonight’s box score is here.
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