Video: Coors Field grounds crew clears snow from white field.

DENVER — The Dodgers and Colorado Rockies are scheduled to play a game at Coors Field in about three hours. Here’s what the field looks like now:

According to the Denver Post, a spring storm left between 1 and 10 inches overnight in metropolitan Denver. Temperatures are in the 30s but it stopped snowing earlier in the morning.

Dodgers outfielder Chris Heisey threw a couple snowballs into the empty seats. Other players are taking photos of the scenery on their phones.

Clayton Kershaw is scheduled to start the game against the Rockies’ Jorge De La Rosa.

Game 29: The Dodgers were fortunate to play this game, let alone win.

Coors Field

Few fans remained at Coors Field when the Dodgers’ 2-1 win became official just after 11 p.m. Mountain Time Friday. (Associated Press photo)

DENVER — The Rockies have lost eight straight games, and I can’t imagine a tougher way to lose than this: The potential game-tying run was thrown out at home plate in the bottom of the fifth inning, the challenge couldn’t reverse the call because there wasn’t “clear and convincing evidence” to overturn it, then the game was delayed in the sixth inning because of rain and declared official 1:40 later.

So the Dodgers will take the 2-1 win. Brett Anderson said it was the hardest rain he’d ever played in, Jimmy Rollins the second-hardest.

Yasiel Puig‘s left hamstring tightened up in the fifth inning of his Single-A rehab game.

Bench coach Tim Wallach was the third baseman during Hideo Nomo‘s no-hitter at Coors Field. As he recalled, the conditions were very similar to Friday’s.

The box score is here.