A good read

Here’s a couple things to keep you busy on this first of three straight off days. The Home Run Derby airs tonight at 5 PST on ESPN. Albert Pujols, Ryan Howard, Adrian Gonzalez, and Prince Fielder will represent the NL.

Jon Paul Morosi at Foxsports.com has a great story on Chad Billingsley’s hometown, Defiance, Ohio.

Since you’re here, we’re wondering, if you had the choice between Chad Billingsley (9-4, 3.38) or Clayton Kershaw (7-5, 3.16) for one start, who’d you pick?
Yes, Billingsley has been the Dodgers ace all season but Kershaw has the potential to be as good or better, as the stats show even in his age-21 season. Think of it as a hypothetical Game 7 must-win situation with each pitcher on four days’ rest. Who would you take considering all factors, with the current Dodger bullpen as is.