Dodgers announce 2015 season tickets are on sale beginning today.

Dodger Stadium fans

The Dodgers said they will cap season-ticket sales at 35,000 for the second straight year in 2015. (Staff photo)

The Dodgers are offering season tickets for the 2015 season beginning today, the club announced. Tickets begin at $5 for certain reserve-level seats.

The Dodgers sold out their season-ticket stash in 2014 and started a waiting list for the first time in 20 years, capping sales at 35,000. In 2015, the team will again cap sales at 35,000.

A few more bullet points:

  • 99 percent of all season tickets increase $5 or less
  • 79 percent of all season tickets increase $4 or less
  • No seat under $20 increases more than $2
  • The one percent of season seats that increase $6-$10 consist of the front row of Field level seats between the bases and the newly-renovated Executive Club level seats
  • Tickets on the Reserve level will increase no more than $3
  • The Dodgers will continue to have tickets available for as little as $5
  • There will be no increase for general admission season parking, while premium season parking will increase by $200 for the 2015 season

“We are tireless in our efforts to field the best possible team, provide a first-class fan experience at the stadium and to be an integral part of making Los Angeles a better community,” Dodgers president and CEO Stan Kasten said in a statement. “We implemented these adjustments in price structure with a continuing priority to offer a variety of ticketing options that will accommodate any family or individual budget.”

New Dodger Stadium parking policy will encourage fans to buy passes in advance.

Dodger Stadium parking

Parking at Dodger Stadium will increase to $15 in 2014, but only if you purchase your parking pass at the stadium gate. (Associated Press photo)

A series of changes are in store for Dodger Stadium, each designed to improve traffic flow into the park on game days.

The most significant change will see a return to $15 fees for parking passes purchased at the stadium entrance. To pay $10, fans will need to buy their parking pass in advance and present their receipt — either printed or on a smartphone — when they approach the gate.

“There’s not much we can do about the traffic on the 110. There’s not much we can do about the traffic on Sunset (Blvd.), and those are our two main access roads,” team president Stan Kasten said. “The main bottleneck we have is transaction time at the gate.”

Lon Rosen, the Dodgers’ chief marketing officer, said that fans who pay at the gate typically spend 45 seconds or more completing the transaction. By presenting and scanning a prepaid parking pass, the transaction time is greatly reduced. Kasten and Rosen hope this will diminish the traffic backup that infuriates fans trying to enter the stadium in the hours leading up to the game.
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Dodger Stadium wi-fi installation is in progress.

Dodger Stadium is in the process of being fitted for a long-awaited wi-fi network. President Stan Kasten expects the project to be complete by Opening Day.

After several delays throughout last year, the wi-fi cables have already been installed underneath the seats in some sections, above the seats in others. The next step is to connect those cables to 950 access points stationed throughout the stadium.

Most of these access points will be out of sight. The most visible access points will be hidden inside brand-new hard-plastic sheaths that will be installed in the handrails between aisles.