Don Drysdale’s Dodgers memorabilia is going to auction.

Don Drysdale

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Don Drysdale is seen, at left, in March 1967, and in the 1960s. His widow, Ann Meyers Drysdale, is intent on selling 166 lots of the baseball great’s memorabilia despite objections of other family members. (Photos by Associated Press and Daily News file)

Don Drysdale‘s Dodgers memorabilia is going to auction. Via Beth Harris of the Associated Press:

Ann Meyers Drysdale, the Hall of Fame basketball player who was married to the Hall of Fame pitcher, is putting the items up for auction starting Wednesday. The collection is unusual in that it covers Drysdale’s entire career — from his days at Van Nuys High in suburban Los Angeles to his minor league stints with the Bakersfield Indians and Montreal Royals to his major league stardom with the Dodgers in Brooklyn and Los Angeles.

Kelly Drysdale told The Associated Press that Meyers didn’t inform the rest of the Drysdale family about the auction or first offer them any keepsakes. The items came into Meyers’ control through the will of Drysdale, who died of a heart attack in July 1993 while on the road broadcasting for the Dodgers.

“She has the legal right, but moral and decent right? Absolutely not,” Drysdale said through tears by phone from her home in Hawaii. “It’s not a very nice thing for someone to do. This is something that has caught me by surprise and is heartbreaking.”

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Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw will start on Opening Day for the sixth straight year.

Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw, who will start Opening Day against the Padres on April 4, has made five consecutive Opening Day starts. The Dodgers have won all five games. (David Crane/Staff photographer)

On April 5, 2010, Vicente Padilla started for the Dodgers against the Pittsburgh Pirates. That’s notable for a handful of reasons. It was Opening Day, and the only time in the last nine years the Dodgers have begun their season on the road against a non-NL West opponent.

It was also the last time someone other than Clayton Kershaw started on Opening Day for the Dodgers. Vicente Padilla. There’s your trivia answer.

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Don Drysdale, Pedro Martinez and Fernando Valenzuela among first Cal League Hall of Fame class.

Former Dodgers Don Drysdale, Fernando Valenzuela and Pedro Martinez are among the 15 men in the first-ever California League Hall of Fame class.

Drysdale, Valenzuela and Martinez were all developed in the Dodgers’ organization and spent one year or less with the team’s Single-A California League affiliate.

The other inductees are are George Brett, Bruce Bochy, Jose Cruz Jr., Ken Griffey Jr., Rickey Henderson, Reggie Jackson, Sam Lynn, Xavier Nady, Vada Pinson, Gary Sheffield, Bob Talbot, and Omar Vizquel.

It’s an interesting concept, a Hall of Fame based on a class of people who largely spent one year or less in the league. The Cal League is celebrating 75 years of existence in 2016, so this is the tie-in. The league will host a Hall of Fame celebration on June 21 in Lake Elsinore prior to the California-Carolina League All-Star Game.

We might not mention it again until then.