Daily Distractions: Introducing the Frank McCourt School of Public Policy.

Frank McCourt

Former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt. (Getty Images)

Preparing for a future in government or public policy?

Stop by Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy. As in Frank McCourt, former Dodgers owner.

The Washington Post reported today that McCourt is giving his alma mater a $100 million gift to open a public policy school in his name, one that will keep pace with similar programs at Harvard, George Washington, the University of Maryland and George Mason University. Writes the Post:

Georgetown’s version will focus on analysis of massive data files emerging from a plethora of government agencies and other sources in the 21st century, seeking to shed light on education, health, poverty and other subjects.

Georgetown Provost Robert Groves, a former director of the U.S. Census Bureau, said the data initiative will capi­tal­ize on the explosive growth of quantitative public information through such sites as www.data.gov, to help frame policy issues and train new generations of government leaders.

Maybe it’s just us, but there’s a little irony in a businessman who drove a baseball team into bankruptcy, and whose overseeing of the Dodgers’ official charity was investigated by the California attorney general’s office, promoting the dissemination of public information.

Some bullet points for a World Water Monitoring Day:
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Ned Colletti offers his theory on Dodgers’ slide, backs Mattingly.

Ned Colletti was in a chatty mood Friday.

Did he sound dour? No. Philosophical? Yes.

So much so that it was easy to miss this nugget of wisdom, which the general manager dropped when he was asked if the Dodgers’ 5-12 stretch since Aug. 26 has caught him by surprise: “I try not to ever be surprised,” he said, “because I accept every day for what it brings.”

It’s easy to see where he’s coming from. One day, your cleanup hitter is James Loney. Next it’s Adrian Gonzalez. One day, you’re working for Frank McCourt. The next day, it’s Mark Walter, Stan Kasten and Magic Johnson.

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So Magic Johnson owns the Dodgers. What’s next?

In case you missed it, a group led by Magic Johnson was selected as the next owner of the Dodgers tonight. Here are the preliminary details.

There are some good questions that remain to be answered as of this moment.Why did the deal go down so soon after Major League Baseball owners approved the final three groups of bidders? What were Frank McCourt’s sticking points? What will the team’s next television package look like, and does the incoming ownership group already know?

If these questions haven’t been answered by the time McCourt and the Guggenheim Group sit down for a press conference later this week in Los Angeles (the exact date and location are TBA), they will be asked with Magic Johnson and his cohorts on the dais.

Here are some things we do know:
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