Don Mattingly on the changes to the Dodgers’ winter development camp.

Day 3 of the Dodgers’ 3-day winter development camp is today.

Gabe Kapler, the Dodgers’ new director of player development, discussed his goals for the program in some detail Monday. Kapler was outspoken about making a break from the past — not doing things the same way as a year ago “because they’re the way they’ve always been done,” as he put it.

Since Kapler wasn’t here a year ago, I asked Dodgers manager Don Mattingly on Wednesday to identify the biggest difference in this year’s program from years past.
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Gabe Kapler and Billy Gasparino join Dodgers’ growing front-office ranks.

Gabe Kapler Dodgers

Gabe Kapler speaks to the Taft High School baseball and softball team during a stop at his alma mater on the Dodgers Community Caravan in 2011. (Michael Owen Baker/Staff Photographer)

Gabe Kapler formally joined the Dodgers’ front office Friday with a ringing endorsement from a former teammate. Check out what retired pitcher C.J. Nitkowski wrote today on about Kapler.
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Daily Distractions: The Dodgers return to Canada.

Dave Roberts

Who can forget all those memorable Dodgers-Expos battles over the years? Certainly not Dave Roberts and Brian Schneider. (Associated Press)

The Dodgers play the Toronto Blue Jays today at the Rogers Centre. Here’s a brief history of Dodgers in Canada:

1. From 1939-60, the Montreal Royals are the primary minor league affiliate of the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers, churning out such notable talents as Jackie Robinson, Tommy Lasorda (then a pitcher) and Walter Alston (then a manager).

2. The Dodgers beat the Expos 5-3 in Montreal on May 27, 1969 in the Dodgers’ first regular-season game ever played in Canada.

3. Don Drysdale is found dead at his hotel room in Montreal on July 3, 1993, the same day he was scheduled to broadcast a Dodgers-Expos game.

4. Raul Mondesi is traded to Toronto for Shawn Green, Nov. 8, 1999.

5. June 8, 2007: The Dodgers beat the Blue Jays 4-3. The game features Nomar Garciaparra, Jeff Kent and Luis Gonzalez for the Dodgers; Matt Stairs, Frank Thomas and Troy Glaus and Royce Clayton for the Blue Jays. Stunning that they were all still productive major-league hitters in 2007.

Today’s game will be just the 13th ever between the teams.

Some bullet points for a Monday morning:

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