Morning briefing

The New York media is already feasting on Manny Ramirez’s trip to the Big Apple.

The Daily News’ Roger Rubin and Times’ Chris Hine attended Joe Torre’s charity gold tournament Monday in Briarcliff Manor. They bring similar perspectives. Rubin’s piece discusses how, amidst the Manny madness, Torre himself will judge accomplishments from the steroid era; Hine’s focuses on how Torre has been able to navigate the Dodgers through the first half of the season.’s Jared Diamond was there as well.

An interesting blurb from Ken Gurnick on the Dodgers’ get-out-the-vote effort for Matt Kemp: “The Dodgers are attempting to enlist two of Kemp’s NBA friends, Trevor Ariza and Sheldon Williams, via their Twitter accounts in hopes of enrolling all of their followers to vote for their buddy.”

In other news, the LAT’s Kevin Baxter has an interesting story on Manny’s stomping grounds.

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