Vin Scully ranks No. 5 on list of L.A.’s most powerful in sports.

Vin Scully Avenue

Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully smiles as he makes his way to the stage during the Dodgers’ fourth annual FanFest in January. (Keith Birmingham/Staff photographer)

Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully ranks fifth on our annual list of the 50 Most Powerful in Southern California Sports. Scully moved up from sixth on our 2015 list.

The other Dodger folks on our list (last year’s rank in parentheses):
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How do the Dodgers rank among the 50 Most Powerful in L.A. Sports?

Andrew Friedman and Josh Byrnes. #Dodgers

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Today, the Los Angeles News Group launched its list of the “50 Most Powerful in L.A. Sports.” The list includes Magic Johnson, Mark Walter, Vin Scully, Clayton Kershaw, Stan Kasten, Mike Scioscia, Yasiel Puig and Andrew Friedman. Dodgers advisor Ned Colletti ranks among the “fallen five.

The full list is here. Check out a photo gallery of the entire Top 50 here.

Report: Guggenheim isn’t interested in AEG purchase. Why that’s good for Dodgers fans.

Fortune magazine is profiling Guggenheim Partners in its March 18 print edition, and you can read the article online here. It’s worth the 20 minutes.

There’s quite a bit of background on Guggenheim and very little of it has to do with baseball. Mark Walter and Todd Boehly are not baseball men — they’re money men — and Fortune paints a broad picture of how they’ve gone about their business. The company (and by extension, the entity that owns the Dodgers) is connected to the original Guggenheim family and its eponymous museum in a real way; Fortune explains how Walter and Boehly expanded their empire with some shrewd purchases during the 2008 recession and afterward.

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Say hello to ‘SportsNet LA’.

The Dodgers and Time Warner Cable officially announced the creation of a new channel, SportsNet LA, this morning.

In effect, the Dodgers will be televised on their own regional sports network beginning in the 2014 season. The next challenge will be to secure distribution among the local carriers. TWC has already agreed to be the charter distributor throughout Southern California and Hawaii.

Here’s the full text of the press release from TWC:

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Forbes: Dodgers TV deal could be worth $8.5B

It’s only a number, maybe only a guess, but it’s a big one.

Forbes estimates the Dodgers’ TV rights could fetch the team as much as $8.5 billion.

Read the story online here and when you read the headline, just remember: Team Chairman Mark Walter doesn’t think he’s going on a spending spree.