The beginning of regal life

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 To celebrate my coronation, Valerie, the Duke and I went to Taco Bell. OK, so it’s not fancy schmancy, but I’m not that picky. ‘Sides the Duke is buying so I didn’t complain.

I had wonderful dreams all night.


My phone and e-mail are going crazy! It began last night with friends calling to congratulate me and me calling friends to share my good news.

I stayed up way too late changing channels on the TV to catch myself on All the news stations and got up extra early to watch more. Wow! I’m, like, almost famous!

I walk into work at the San Gabriel Valley Tribune office as I always swore I would if I won- wearing my crown and a big smile. It’s amazing. People are coming from the back offices to applaud and congratulate me. I hand out Hershey’s kisses to them.


 Then I see the papers. I am on the front page of the Pasadena Star-News and inside both the Tribune and the Whittier Daily News!

At my desk, I begin checking my phone and e-mail messages and I can’t keep up- as soon as I delete or reply to one, there’s five more. Other writers, people I do business with and – to my delight – my readers are all cheering my good fortune and better talent.

Administrative Assistant Grace Reaza brings me a cup of coffee, “For you, your majesty,” she says and backs away.

“Good morning, your highness,” Features Editorial Assistant Linda Gold says with a curtsey.

Oooo I’m beginning to like this… a lot!

After work I go to band rehearsal and the guys just razz me about being queen, but I know they’re really only jealous. They might care less about the crown and be intimidated by the scepter– it’s all the fame they want and ha ha ha it’s all mine!

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