Day two – the fun is just starting

 I work at the Pasadena Star-News office several days a week. I come in wearing my crown and, again, am met with applause, cheers and bows. I treat my loyal subjects to Hershey’s Kisses throughout the day.


The calls and e-mails continue. In turn, I begin my hunt for more articles about my coronation. I sneak over to the coffee shop next door and raid its news racks and Google “Doo Dah Queen.”


The best site I find states “Is Pasadena Big Enough for Two Queens?” A large photo of me from my coronation is at the top and underneath it is the Tournament of Roses Queen and her Court. They’re really tiny and look like ants with dots for mouths compared to my broad beam. Seeing this makes me feel good and bad at the same time. It’s funny because TOR has always been the jewel of Crown City, while Doo Dah has been akin to the redheaded stepchild- it’s there, it’s loud, but it gets slighted.


People are leaving comments on the site so I add my own:


Yes, of course Pasadena is big enough for two queens. Los Angeles and New York think they’ve got it all, but Pasadena is where it’s at.


Queen Naughty Mickie


This has become my mantra. It’s smart, short and makes people smile. Works for me.

After lunchtime, local photographer Terry Miller stops by to present me with a disc of photos he took at the try-outs. He’s ever the English gentleman- dashing, tall and handsome and driving an old MG with the top down.

He treats me to coffee and promises to protect me to the death. I’m flattered and thankful.

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