Treating my Official Entourage for Doo Dah

Like any celebrity worth their salt (or sugar in my case), I have entourage, but not just anyo


ne will do, they have to be of Official Entourage caliber. My maidens must be smart, beautiful, funny and flirty. And in turn, I treat them well.


Tonight I am hosting a little soiree for the Official Entourage at my home. Prince Andrew, the Duke of Doo Dah, has offered to be at our beck and call for the evening- refilling champagne glasses, bringing us plates of brie and apples and whatever else we request. The menu will include tortilla pinwheels, veggies and dill dip, fresh crab and other delicacies all prepared by the Duke and myself. I will also give each lady a little present to make her feel welcome. 



I have been sooo looking forward to this party. We’ll chat and have fun for sure, but we also will be planning our attire and our entry’s decorations. 


The only scary part is that this is the first time I have held a soiree at my new place and I hope everyone will feel comfortable…. If they don’t, maybe a glass of wine will help!


A toast to my Official Entourage!  Cheers! 

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