A new knight and thoughts about Rev. Billy

Mr.s T’s Bowl in Highland Park was packed Friday night. People were having fun and the bands were great. Midway through the show, the emcee Acid Andy (aka The Duke of Doo Dah) stopped things to give me a proper introduction and we told the crowd all about the upcoming parade. Then I took the microphone to make a very special presentation.


I called T-Bowl denizen Gus Hudson to the stage. He was dressed, quite appropriately, as Santa Claus- complete with a curly white beard. I bade him to kneel and surprised everyone by knighting him as the Knight of Fun and Frivolity. After he kissed my extended hand, I allowed him to rise and led the crowd in a trio of cheers. I am sure he will do well with his new position and guard my reign accordingly.


I have been thinking a bit about the paradoxes with Rev. Billy being selected as Grand Marshal for Doo Dah. In many ways he is absolutely perfect, but there are a few things that concern me:


Rev. Billy is the head of the Church of Stop Shopping.

Doo Dah is the parade of hedonism and excess.


Rev. Billy is not allowed within 250 feet of a Starbuck’s.

Doo Dah passes at least one Starbuck’s on its route.


Rev. Billy dresses in a crisp white suit, big hair and platform dress shoes.

Doo Dah Parade goers toss marshmallows, tortillas and other messy edibles, as well as spray Silly String at people making their way down the route.


And then there’s this:


Rev. Billy has been spreading his anti-shopping message for years.

I began my holiday shopping in July and was finished before Thanksgiving. Well, OK, I was still shopping until the other day, but it was only for the edible items and few small things I found. Oh, and yeah, I spent one day shopping mostly for myself, but that doesn’t count because I was using vacation money from my vacation that was canceled. All right, all right, I took my friend to this great store I know on Saturday to help him pick out a gift for his sister-in-law and I bought another small present for a friend….


Rev. Billy travels the world full of passion for his cause.

I travel the music stores, Hot Topic, mass merchandisers, the mall and other speciality stores full of passion (and lists)  for shopping.


Rev. Billy was standing outside Macy’s in New York City last week discouraging shoppers.

Last week, I was making plans to meet my friend at Aardvark’s in Pasadena to go dress shopping.


Rev. Billy will probably keep his parade entry to a minimalistic level in order to promote his values.

I am planning to go over the top wherever I can- big dress, glitter, an outfit for my dog Atticus, champagne, more glitter, decorations abounding on the cars, an Official Entourage, more glitter….


I am excited to meet Rev. Billy.

He may not be as thrilled to meet me (especially if he reads this).


Just musing……


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