Looking back at Los Altos High School

I have been a Lion, a Knight, a Conqueror, a Mountie, a Titan and an Orangeman. Confused? These are just a few of the sports teams’ names from the schools I’ve attended over the years. I never really felt as strong or courageous as they sound, but I was mainly an A student and rarely absent, which is a feat in itself for many students.


 Why am I dwelling on this? Well, last night I was thinking about how I felt popular in high school, but I was never a cheerleader, a prom princess or homecoming queen. I had lots of friends and usually scored a date for the dance of the moment, but it was more because I was nice or bubbly or funny rather than because I was beautiful.


At my reunion, many of the girls who were “school royalty” looked a bit tired and sounded bored with their lives. They had set their dreams aside to become mommies and homemakers. Personally, I think they should feel proud- it’s a big job to successfully raise a future generation.


 For my part, I am not a mommy (unless you count my dog, Atticus) nor a homemaker (yes, there’s a herd of dust bunnies under my bed), but I have been doing many of the things that I’ve wanted to in my life. I completed college with a degree in English at age 20, learned how to fly an airplane, ride a motorcycle, traveled across the country, been in several bands, done a number of plays, been in a few movies, a music video and co-hosted a cable access television show. I am a writer, I dance with swords and drive a covertible. Life is good, BUT I have never been a cute cheerleader, pretty prom princess or gorgeous homecoming queen….


Today I’m stirring the pot by telling all those cheerleaders, prom princesses and homecoming queens to eat their hearts out- I’m the Doo Dah Queen.


 I am not just some high school celebrity, I’m the real thing. People want to take photos with me, ask for my autograph and invite me to appear.


 I represent more than just a high school. I represent the Doo Dah Parade, the Light Bringer Project, the city of Pasadena and the San Gabriel Valley Newspaper Group.


To get this honor I didn’t have to be flirty and beautiful- I had to be flirty, beautiful AND talented, funny, smart, plus a long list of queenly qualities only available to the Doo Dah elite.


I believe in the long run nice – truly honestly from-your-heart nice – comes back to you. Call it karma or whatever you like, it’s important to be compassionate, understanding and caring. You can sleep at night…


Yeah, I know– all this and brains too!!

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