Tea and history with the Queen

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I keep peeking out the window of the Fenyes Mansion at the Pasadena Museum of History. Are the guests here yet? I spent the morning getting ready for the Victorian-themed day. I have a black velvet Victorian gown complete with an ample swag of lace and purple ribbons and I took the time to do my hair in ringlets for extra authenticity.


 Finally the doorbell rings.


“Welcome,” I say. “I am the Queen of the 31st Occasional Pasadena Doo Dah Parade and I would like to welcome you to the Gilded Age Holiday Tour.”

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I talk a little bit about the parade and then introduce Patricia Hurley of Light Bringer Project to fill in the details, explain what LBP does for the community and assist me in fielding questions. Then I read the introduction to the Fenyes Mansion tour, which includes the history of wreaths. I have fun with the crowd, teasing them about traditions and my crown.



 “What should I do with my crown after the parade? Hang it on my door over the holidays?” I say with a grin.


“Yes, yes,” the crowd responds.


From there we tour the mansion. You can see some highlights of the residence, which is 100 years old and a treasure, in a series of photos by Staff Photographer Walt Mancini by visiting:


Be sure to vote on which photos you like the best.


After the tour, I am feted at a tea at the Raymond in Pasadena. Diane from the Pasadena Museum of History forwarded me some photos from that portion of the day to share with you (thank you Diane!). In one, you see me digging through a denim purse– I’m looking for a pen. The bearded gentleman is dining at the restaurant and has come over asking for an autograph. There are so many demands with celebrity! But I don’t mind making his day with a signed photo for him to cherish… I hope his wife d1864-z blog autograph-thumb-300x225.jpgoesn’t mind either!


The other photos are of me with museum docents and staff, our lovely table lush with goodies (scones, finger sandwiches, sweets, tea and champagne) and me toasting everyone for a job well done. They in turn toast me and wish me well on my big day.


Happy New Year’s to all my loyal subjects! May your lives be filled with happiness, success, fortune, laughter and lots o’ love!!


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