All hail the QUEEN!!


Have you been practicing your etiquette? Your curtsey or bow? I hope so because on Sunday I will be finally making my way down the streets of Pasadena for the 31st Occasional Pasadena Doo Dah Parade and I expect – no – command you to be there.


It’s going to be the biggest party ever, plus there’s breakfast at the Pasadena Senior Center and all kinds of other eateries in the area. Later, if you don’t want to hit the pubs or the after-parties, stretch your legs and shop – window or otherwise. Pasadena is a wonderful city with many treasures waiting to be found.


Because I will not be available to blog tomorrow, I will now make a ROYAL PROCLAIMATION:


Here ye! Here ye! Her Royal Majesty, Queen Naughty Mickie, requests the presence of her loyal subjects for a day of frivolity and happiness. She asks that Her loyal subjects bathe in Her sunshine and sparkles as She and Her Royal Court make their way down the unofficial route. She also gives permission to said loyal subjects to approach her with any requests, honors and so forth. Her loyal subjects may also pet the Royal Dog, Atticus.


Carry on, as you were…


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