Looking Back, Part I – Doo Dah Eve


Friday night I did the final fitting and accessorizing for my big day. I donned my dress and crown and searched through my jewelry boxes for the perfect necklace and earrings (I already had bracelets from two of my friends and another was bringing me gloves and a huge bling ring for the car ride). Finally pleased, I set everything out so Saturday night I could relax.


I worked on Saturday covering NAMM, the music industry trade show, in Anaheim, then ate a good dinner. I went to bed early and couldn’t sleep- my mind was filled with the sights and sounds of the day, as well as busy rechecking my list of the things I needed for Doo Dah. I finally decided to get up and have a cup of tea. Atticus, who was snoozing at my feet, came bouncing to the couch and pushed one of his toys into my hands. We played as I sipped. I sat up with only the light from the TV for about 45 minutes and then decided to try to sleep again. This time, Atticus curled up by my side as if to comfort me. It worked and I woke up just before the alarm rang.


I jumped in the shower and prepared as much as possible- selecting sweat pants to wear during my drive to Pasadena so my skirt wouldn’t get squashed. It was sooo early when I got to the park that nothing was open and I had to do a Girl Scouts’ change in the parking structure. For those of you who were not Girl Scouts, this is changing your clothes in your sleeping bag or by layering and peeling various items of clothing so you don’t surprise anyone passing by and keep your tushie warm if you’re camping. Of course, Atticus didn’t have to do this, but he stood nice and still as I tied on his cape.


We made our way to Memorial Park and met the news crew. During almost every break throughout KTTV’s newscast from 7-8 a.m., we were on camera. It was sooo cold in the park that, in between, I wrapped Atti in my coat to keep him warm. After the broadcast, most of our entry (my Official Entourage and Drivers) had arrived and we went en masse to the Senior Center to enjoy the pancake breakfast.


More on my adventures tomorrow, but if you’d like a sneak peek, visit


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