Looking Back, Part II – Doo Dah Day


The sun was out and warming the world as we began the long wait to parade step-off. I spent most of the morning shaking hands, giving hugs, chatting and posing for photographs. Atticus couldn’t have been more perfect- he wagged his tail at everyone and lapped up the attention with grace.


My brother Jason and several of my friends managed to find me in all the madness too, and took even more photos!


Tiring of the wait, I suggested that my Official Entourage, Knights and assorted Pages and Squires take a walk around the staging area so we could see the other parade entries. A bagpiper kindly offered his services to lead the way. Prince Andrew, the Duke of Doo Dah followed him to announce me. Then single-file came my Official Entourage- Cindy, Linda, Louise and Valerie. Sir Ben of the Arts gave me his arm and took Atticus’ leash and one of his ladies carried the train of my gown. More pages fell in after us, as did Sir Gustavo of Fun and Frivolity and his Page, Miss Havisham, and Sir Fred of Sports. We made quite the procession! 


We were met with cheers and applause along the way, plus lots of smiles. Soon it would be time to get into my “carriage” (a 1962 Ford Galaxy Sunliner convertible) and face my loyal subjects.


Please enjoy a nice photo showing my gown’s long train from Movie Lover at LAist.com, a photo of me waving from the convertible with Atticus by side from SignsonSanDiego.com and a collection of other parade scenes by Ebb Eskew. Just a tease to the next installment of my story…. 



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