Looking Back Part III – Doo Dah step-off


 We were told that it was time to get in the cars and make any last minute preparations for our trek down the Doo Dah Parade route. I looked at Carin and Tom’s classic Ford almost entombed with garlands and decorations and at my pouffy dress with its long train and wondered just how the heck was I going to get in the car?!?!


Problem solved. My Knights and their Pages served me well, helping me step up across the convertible’s door, over the decorations and find my place. They handed me my scepter, sword and the guitar pinata Lady Louise of my Official Entourage gave me and I set them on either side of me. The Pages smoothed my dress across the trunk of the car and eased its train so it flowed all the way down the back. Then they handed up Atticus.


Atticus quickly made himself comfortable, sitting sweetly by my side. And so, we waited. It was warm. We waited. It looked like the parade was starting. Never mind. We waited.



Sir Ben, Knight of Art, suggested that Atticus might like a little walk in the park and asked for a plastic bag. He took Atti to sniff the trees and wiggle his toes in the grass. They returned a few minutes later. Sir Ben handed me back the plastic bag saying (almost sadly), “He didn’t make any presents.” I laughed and took Atticus in my arms for a big hug.  “Did you have a nice walk?” I asked. Atti wagged his tail. And we waited.


Atticus layed down next to me and stretched his legs to better catch the sun’s warmth. Soon he was dreaming. How patient! And how smart!


And we waited….


Please enjoy more photos from Ebb Eskew, as well as few from a very cool Flicker photo sharing site.





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