Looking Back, Part V – It’s my party…


After leaving the parade route, Tom drove the car back to the park. It was fun going through the city streets with all the decorations. Attticus and I still sat up high because I was unable to move from my spot without help. Carin and Tom were dressed in matching Grocho garb complete with cigars and Nikki, the cockatoo, was perched on the seat top in between them. We waved at everyone as we passed and grinned and laughed while waiting at stop lights. It was a hoot! The best part were the looks on people’s faces who were obviously clueless about the parade- they didn’t quite know what to make of us.


The police wouldn’t let us re-enter the parade staging area to drop off until the last of the entries moved along the street, so Tom parked the convertible and we proceeded to wait. Gee whiz, there sure is a lot of waiting with parades…. hmmmm…. Carin decided to get out and go find her father, who was somewhere in the crowd. She wanted to also catch the last of the parade.


There we were- Tom, Nikkie, me and Atti sitting patiently. Tom is an amazingly patient man, who just relaxed and took in the scenery. Nikki, not so patient and definitely more nosey, worked her way around the car ending up next to me. Now I had Atti on one side and Nikki on the other, both leaning on me for a comforting cuddle as we waited.


Finally we were let through and, after dodging the streetsweeper several times, we parked safely near our original


starting point. My Official Entourage found me and helped me out of the car. We also took the decorations off. Here, some of us parted ways. Carin, Tom, Nikki, Linda and a few others were heading home. Valerie, Cindy, Louise, Prince Andrew Duke of Doo Dah, Sir Rich of Music (from the Fret House in Covina) and others were going to meet me at the party.


Despite the complications of parking, let alone finding the place, we all ended up at the American Legion in East Pasadena for the Post-Doo Dah Party. Snotty Scotty and the Hankies were playing when I came in. They finished the song and then Scotty announced me and dedicated their next tune, “Little Queenie” (Rolling Stones), to me. I pinned one of my Doo Dah favors on him and joined him on stage for a little dancing. Scotty may not ever make it on “Dancing With the Stars,” but he moves pretty well!



Next I worked my way through the room, thanking people who had helped me, greeting people who I hadn’t seen earlier and talking with everyone. I also got out on the floor dancing with anyone and everyone. The Hankies traded the stage with Horses on Astroturf and the music continued. In between the bands I nibbled on nachos with chili and cheese and sipped a martini. But unbeknownest to me, my biggest surprises were yet to come….








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