Looking Back, Part VI – Rev. Billy ‘saves’ the day


A tad more than half-way through the Doo Dah After-Party, the bands had already changed over a few times. Snotty Scotty and the Hankies were leaving the stage for Horses on Astroturf to take another turn and Tom Costen of the Light Bringer Project took the moment to introduce one of the guests of honor, Grand Marshal Rev. Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping. With a knowing grin, he handed the microphone to Rev. Billy asking for a few words.


A few words turned into a very creative sermon on “Stick Around.” Rev. Billy intoned us to examine the true meanings of the words stick around and verbally explored the virtues of all that is sticky and most of what is round, while motivating anyone peeking at the clock to stay for the next band.


People came from throughout the venue to form a semi-circle on the dance floor around the animated Reverend. He fired us up and had us yelling “Doojalujah,” “Sticky” and “Round” with gusto. His sermon was as good as any fire and brimstone I’ve ever heard… and in many ways, better. This man knows how to move and inspire people. He is not just a good speaker– he is pure charisma!


At the end of his speech, Rev. Billy sank to his knees, then face down, crawling on the floor toward me. Before I knew what was happening, he had slipped his head under my skirt and flipped over on his back in a rightfully exhausted heap. I was ripe with emotions, feeling giddy, slightly shocked and strangely honored all at one time.


I handed my drink to Tom Costen, who was by my side, he passed it on to someone else and from there it


disappeared into the crowd. But no matter, I was Rev. Billy chosen one for this moment. I knelt down and gently unwound my tulle slip and satin skirt from his body and cradled his head. Slowly, Rev. Billy sat up and I gave him a big hug, letting him rest on me. He had given it his all, the sweat on his brow proved it. Another party-goer came over and we helped the Reverend to his feet and he trudged off to find a seat to properly recover.


Later, I had an opportunity to dance with the refreshed Rev. Billy. Man, can he cut a rug! Looks, talent, intelligence– what a renaissance man!  Plus, when he learned I made my dress, he was quick to compliment me (remember, he is anti-consumerism), so I couldn’t help but be a little star-gazed.


Photos by Ebb Eskew. For more, visit  www.flickr.com/photos/ebbeskew 


Learn more about Rev. Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping at www.revbilly.com


Tomorrow, read and see Doo Dah from another point of view…




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