Atticus ~ words from a VIP


That’s right, I am a VIP- a Very Important Pup. And I managed to sneak onto my mommy’s computer while she’s busy taking a shower.


Like mom, just because the Doo Dah Parade has happened, it doesn’t mean my life is any less special. Of course, nowadays I tend to spend more time at home chasing my tennis ball and napping in the sun and I still look forward to car rides and a nice walk. But word on the street is, well, me!


It seems that everywhere mommy goes people ask her “How is Atticus?” And many times they ask about me before they even ask her how her Queenly reign is going. Well, to all of you askers, I’m doing great!!


Enjoy this photo that my Uncle Jason took of me before the parade (notice how I kept my toes off the wet grass by gently standing on my mommy’s dress) and keep those e-mails and hellos coming. A big fan base is important to a little dog.


Gotta go. I think mommy’s out the shower- I can’t hear her singing any more. Keep the sunshine in your face and smell all the flowers!


Paws up,


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