Pasadena Museum of History bags Queen for soiree


OK, so it wasn’t really that hard for the Pasadena Museum of History to convince me to attend its soiree for the closing of its “The Purse and the Person” exhibit. They just mailed me a cute invitation… But being regal and all, I do have a pretty busy schedule… especially on a Friday night!


I threw on some of my favorite clothes, grabbed the purse that I posed with for the exhibit and enjoyed a sunny drive in my convertible with the top down. I was greeted warmly even before crossing the door and posed with some very nice museum members for photos.



Then I made my way through the foyer and out to the patio. There, Diane Siegel called out to the crowd that the Queen was in attendance and properly introduced me to my loyal subjects. Diane works at the museum and forwarded me these photos to share with you. On the patio, I enjoyed wine, cheese and other treats and chatted with all kinds of interesting people.


 I wandered back inside and took my time to look at all the purses on display- there were antiques, themed bags, designer totes and more. I sat down to watch the slideshow and spotted a lot of Pasadena VIPs, including actress Jane Kaczmarek, photographer Walt Mancini, chanteusse Janet Klein, the Duke of Doo Dah Prince Andrew and me!  Terry Miller had captured one of my wackier moments – me pretending to play my Flying V guitar purse! It wasn’t quite as dignified or sophisticated as some of the other photos, but it was true to form. And Terry, of all people, should know me well, as he’s one of my knights~ Sir Terence of Camera Obscura. Later, I met up with Terry and you can see us, plus Prince Andrew, having a little fun in the museum’s foyer. 



Other cool photos Diane captured were of me and Prince Andrew with Jeannette Bovard (in the lovely green sweater), the museum’s public relations person – she works hard, but she also knows how to party! And Diane let me check out her own purse by Solas. It lights up when you open it so you can find your keys in the dark… Awesome!


I’d like to thank everyone at the Pasadena Museum of History for allowing me to become a part of history… but don’t write the book on me yet, as there’s still more Queenly fun ahead!






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