Atticus ~ California convertible dreaming


Hello dear readers,


My mommy, the Queen, has been super busy this week! It seems once you become royalty your dance card is always full, as they say… I know hers is.  In fact she’s going to be performing at two different shows next week. To find out more, visit


As for me, I’m enjoying the warm weather because it means long drives in mommy’s convertible with the roof down. To clarify things, I don’t drive, I just stand with my paws on the dashboard and enjoy the wind in my face. I just wish mommy would drive slower so I could take in all those great smells!! The world is truly my oyster and, even though it sometimes smells fishy, most of the time it’s downright snifferific!


I hope you enjoy this photo of mommy and me parked at the Rock Inn on Mulholland Highway (I’m getting pretty good at this computer thing, huh?!) Oooo and watch for the announcement of my very special appearance at the upcoming Mount Lowe Hike with the Pasadena Museum of History in June!


Paws up,


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