Hey! That Queen sure gets around!


I am so honored to be an envoy for the Light Bringer Project and Pasadena. Then there’s all the glamor and glory I am given in abundance from my loyal subjects. But your Queen does not pass her days soaking in tubs lush with bubbles, drinking champagne and nibbling on chocolates- heavens no! She has to meet your expectations, so she works out, gets sleep when she must and moisturizes. Plus she tries to appear at as many places she is requested… this weekend, though, is all fun.


You can meet me and watch me dance at:


Tequila Mockingbird’s
Club Fluffer
8 p.m. Friday, April 18
Performance: 11 p.m.
with Bonnie Delight Burlesque Review, Folk from Dick and Jane, Madame Pameta and Tequila Billy
Zero One Gallery
609 Olive St.
Los Angeles


Festival of Dancing Colors
Event: 2:30-6 p.m. Sunday, April 20
Performance: 2:48 p.m.
Cal State San Bernardino
Santos Manuel Student Union
5500 University Parkway
San Bernardino
Lastly, put on your thinking cap and be justly rewarded. We are currently seeking a new name for my adventure series. As you recall I am not your regular Queen, but one who lives her life on the edge. In my series, I have shared the thrills of racing, swimming with sharks, flying a plane and learning to deejay with Art Laboe. Visit
and enter your suggestion. Deadline is April 20. The winner will receive a prize! Plus the honor of seeing their title at the top of all my thrill-seeking stories!!
Carry on, as you were!

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