Let them eat cake!


Last Saturday I left my castle to attend one of the most important soirees in Pasadena this year- the Bloggers’ Picnic. Held in Sunnyslope Park, the event featured a picnic table loaded with food, a group of prestigious – and infamous – bloggers from the Pasadena area (many armed with digital cameras) and two dogs who were very happy to join you for a game of fetch.


It was wonderful to meet the faces behind the words and to swap thoughts in person. I’ll admit that most of the bloggers think much deeper than I, tackling political issues with aplomb, still, my voice is just as important, as what is life without a little fun?! 


I dared to offer my opinion of a few subjects, traded musical stories of days past with the irrepressible Aaron Proctor and shared advice on etiquette and other topics with the delightful Miss Havisham (with teacup in hand and bright yellow afternoon outing hat on her head). It was a good day.



Please enjoy these photos from the party- the entire group and me and Aaron sharing a laugh and a hug. Thank you, Miss Havisham for planning this most wonderous event and to all the Bloggers for showing up to share such a good time.


And the cake?  A proper Queen would never attend a picnic with something special~ this time it was cheesecake and a smile.

5 thoughts on “Let them eat cake!

  1. Thank you Miss Havisham ~ charming as always! And as for you Mr. Proctor, you should know that Queens never lie… It was a unforgettable afternoon, can we have another?

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